First Coast News/Good Morning Jacksonville video article on DancyT which is now in foreclosure and again at risk.

Just before my June 2008 visit to Dancy Terrace I had learned that the historic bungalow court -- perhaps the oldest still remaining large true parallel bar bungalow court North America was again in peril.

The rennovation project had been abandoned and the houses were left without being adequately secured. People had stripped the houses of everything removable including the old fireplaces (where now some built fires in the bare hearth), light fixtures, etc. The situation looked pretty bleak.

Then November 12 I received an email from Jennifer Lindgren, West Coast News Reporter who was planning to do a story about the mortgage crisis and DancyT. And here it is. The old pictures in the video are of my family and their friends when they lived at DancyT.

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