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Sunrise, Search for Life on Mars, alice springs project by Beth Learn [learn/yeats & co]

Sunrise [1998] by Beth Learn
Xerox photocomposite; digital prints abt. 8"x10"

The picture exists as a series of layers or overlays as follows: Layer 1 - colored xerox of a photograph of the a sunrise on Mars; Layer 2 - a black/white xerox transparency of notes made for the alice springs project in 1981 with a sheet lens overlay.

During the time period in which the notes were written, I was thinking of the language/high energy particle physics analogy in terms of how the energy of word could be measured both in and out of a given context. There was a difference. The mean value for energy per word was less when values were relative to words before and after. This seemed to suggest an intensification or "tightening up" of energy per word in a given context which might vary from context to context.

The Search for Life on Mars was sponsored in part by a Venture Grant from the Ontario Arts' Council for which I am grateful.

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