Stella DeSha Thomas Gallery Photographs by Judy MacLeod

by Judy MacLeod

Artist's Statement.

"Once the north gets into your bones, I don't think you ever leave it, or it ever leaves you," says photographer Judy MacLeod.

Originally from Toronto, MacLeod moved as a child to a small mining town north of the Sault Ste. Marie area. After 30 years of photographing winter snows, fall colour and the craggy rock-cuts of the surrounding terrain, MacLeod took a photography course. When she discovered the wild, mystifying Northern Lights could be captured on film, she turned her eyes to the night sky.

To get "just one good shot," a photography excursion to the far north is planned. To train for the trip, she treks out into the night and to every fireworks display she can manage. In the meantime, she can be found toiling away in the information technology department at the University of Toronto.

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