Cabaret Vert Magazine 2 [1992]
Produced by learn/yeats & co


Cabaret Vert Magazine of experimental, alternative and multimedia language art in all manifestations is produced by learn/yeats&co and edited/directed by Beth Learn and Joy Learn.

There are a limited number of copies of the first three issues of CVM in good condition. Email query for price.

Cabaret Vert Magazine
c/o learn/yeats & co
P.O. Box 157 Station P
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S7

We only accept work that is experimental and innovative in its use of language as the primary medium. Query first by email if you are not sure.

Interview with bill bissett
Part 1: "i don't hear voices all the time"
with poems: th voices in the blu wallpapr and th metaphysiks uv th surviving self & the mirror peopul Rod Lohin
utopos; intaglio in; the thread, quell

John Dewit
"It's Hot!" says Dot; This is exactly our experience

Dan Raphael

Yves Troendle
Homage: Georges Melies; from Dead Dames Sing Spages; Across Word to Clemente

Joy Learn
Public Fantasies

learn/yeats & co
the Alice Springs Project Report: "A Brief Preliminary Report on a Possible Alternative Order of the English Alphabet and It's Relevant Implications for the Study of the Origin of Language as Writing [the eti-bet in terms of a-z linearity]

Probably System 18: dream & commentaries as a probable source (with additional research including PROBABLE SYSTEM 30)

John Bennett
Dock; Dendrition; Upon a Time; Desire; Short Dog; He-Dirt


Reviews Front cover designed by Beth Learn (learn/yeats & co logo and cover of book by Arthur Rimbaud; backcover early photo of bill bissett

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