Stella DeSha Thomas Gallery Photographs of Italy by Alexandra Agostino

Artist's Statement by Alexandra Agostino

About My Work

My interest in photography has developed along with my love of travel. Like every amateur photographer I am still trying to develop a feel for my subjects. I have recently begun experimenting with black and white film and have come to discover that I view cities as outdoor museums. I find viewing a city through a camera lense fascinating…architectural features seem to jump out at me. My dream is to visit every major capital in Europe and many small mediaeval villages to capture a photo of a fountain hiding in a corner or a fleur-de-lis that no one has noticed in centuries. My photos are shot with a traditional point and shoot camera but I hope to purchase and SLR and experiment!

Interview with the Artist

Could you elaborate on "cities as outdoor museums"? in what ways are do they seem like "outdoor museums"? Maybe an example from one of the pictures we are showing.

I have found that many European cities have developed over centuries...each with a unique form of architecture. For example, in Roman you have the 1st Century Pantheon and the 16th century facade of St. Peter's. With such a mixture of style I find that the architecture of a city become makes it an "open-air museum".
In what way do you find viewing a city through a camera lens different from viewing, period?

Frankly I know that I don't have a photographer's eye. I simply photograph whatever appeals to me!
How do you know when you've found what "appeals" to you? Do you look for particular scenes? Is it the building, the light, the composition or the voice in your head that says "Go"?

I usually try to look for a unique feature of the structure. For example, a coat of arms, a stone gargoyle hiding in corner or a fresco outside a doorway. Basically I try to find a unique feature that a passerby would never take the time to notice.

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