Stella DeSha Thomas Gallery Photographs by Shannon Persaud

Photographs by Shannon Persaud
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Ivan Reznikoff & Paul Diabolos,
University College, U of T

Path to Enlightenment (Arches of Light and Dark) UC Arcade/Colonnade at 2 pm on a Tuesday Afternoon

White Tulips


The Mall, adjacent to St. James's Park (London, England)

Dawn: The Gulf of Mexico (Cancun, Mexico)

The Danube (Budapest, Hungary)

The Triumphal Arch of the
Castle Wing. Budapest, Hungary

Pointe Shoes and
Ballet Slippers


University College at the University of Toronto

Shannon Persaud, Alumni Development Officer, New College, at the University of Toronto, first became interested in photography when she was 8 years old. Her dad showed her a Lubitel 2 (Russian, medium format camera, built in 1965) and described how it worked. She has since inherited the Lubitel 2 and would like to learn much more about it and use it in future work. At present Shannon uses a Canon Rebel G to capture the architectural wonders of Budapest, Hungary, the University of Toronto campus and various still life subjects.

She has done some of her own developing and would like to experiment lot more with different kinds of paper, film and digitally with Adobe Photoshop.

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