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2 Murat by Beth Learn

2 Murat by Beth Learn
Xerox photocomposite [1994]; orig. abt. 14"x20"; digitized 1998

The picture exists as a series of layers or overlays: 1 - Enlarged color photograph of the side window of Prince Murat house in St. Augustine, Florida, taken by the artist in 1993; 2 - Two black/white xerox transparencies (one a mirror reflection) of a photograph of the artist in the character of "Bride" from the Trinity Church performance in 1976; 3 - Text: Cade's Pond from the alice springs' text appears as a black/white xerox transparency.

2Murat is first piece in a triad of which Retinal Image is second and Bridgewerk is the third. All three pieces incorporate images of St. Augustine, Florida.

The Search for Life on Mars was sponsored in part by a Venture Grant from the Ontario Arts' Council for which I am grateful.

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