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eit Bride
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eit Bride, Search for Life on Mars, alice springs project by Beth Learn [learn/yeats & co]

eit Bride [1994] by Beth Learn
Xerox photocomposite orig. abt. 5"x7"; digital prints abt. 8"x10"

The picture exists as a series of layers or overlays as follows: Layer 1 - A colored xerox of a same size watercolor made in 1994 -- one of many in the Mars series. The next layer is a black/white xerox transparency of a photograph of myself in the character of the Bride from the Trinity Church performance in 1976. The next layer is actually several smaller transparency bits -- one of some text from a library book about Mars -- another of electric circuit schematic drawings made during 1994.

[Note: I began do the circuit drawings quite suddenly one day. That is I xeroxed drawings from some books then altered them with opaquing fluid and felttip pen. Reduced in size and linked together these drawings appear in several pictures of the time period where they serve as the "ocular apparati" (something between telescope and eyeglasses) of the Bride as she begins to see or as her vision evolves. My take on "visual" as in "visual art" has always incorporated the sense of sight as insight, intuition etc. Overall I refer to this work with Bride and eye-pieces as "retinal image".

This picture, another multi-layered photocomposite, was included in the A Space exhibition, "Search for Life on Mars" in early 1995.

The Search for Life on Mars was sponsored in part by a Venture Grant from the Ontario Arts' Council for which I am grateful.

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