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Nigerian Sea 1
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Nigerian Sea 1, Search for Life on Mars, alice springs project by Beth Learn [learn/yeats & co]

Nigerian Sea 1 by Beth Learn
Xerox photocomposite; digital prints abt. 8"x10" with/without sheet lens; [1994] from 1982 focus study Nigerian Sea

This work represents a synthesis of several parts of my work over time. The oldest chronologically is the dried water background from the series of water color dried on glass slides 1982 which were enlarged and printed by means of a microfiche machine. Next is the complete text of the alice spring's collection of 15 language fields or poems which, though constructed 1975-1979, were reworked into the Miamiscript (text re-spaced with other text inserted) which as a report appeared in Cabaret Vert Magazine 3 [1993]. Next - a schematic drawing of an electronic circuit [1994], and finally, the digitalization of the composite [1998] and deformation into a ball-like object via special effects [1999].

The Nigerian Sea focus, Viking photographs of Mars in the 1970s and mind-mapping have have association in my work.

The term "Nigerian Sea" was borrowed from a dream which occurred shortly before the watercolor slides were made in 1981. In this dream I looked down over a cliff and saw below a beautiful emerald green sea and white beach. The voice said "That's the Nigerian Sea".

Excerpts from the Nigerian Sea focus first appeared in the alice springs text which was finally published in 1987. The year before in another dream, a voice said "the alice springs project" and so it has been ever since. I seem to do quite a bit of my work while asleep. The Search for Life on Mars was sponsored in part by a Venture Grant from the Ontario Arts' Council for which I am grateful.

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