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Waves (Nigerian Sea focus)
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Waves, Search for Life on Mars, alice springs project by Beth Learn [learn/yeats & co]

Waves by Beth Learn
Digital photocomposite; prints abt. 8"x10"

In the winter of 1981 I dropped black watercolor on glass slides and dried them quickly on the radiator. I then made print enlargements of certain slides on a microfiche machine. These were gray/white. In the early 1990's I had photographs made from some of the glass slides -- one of which was screened for print in the Alice Springs Project Report appearing in the 2nd issue of Cabaret Vert Magazine (1992). This piece was known as the Big E. During the Search for Life on Mars work, I began to overlay black/white xerox transparencies of project data on various enlarged photographs of the Nigerian Sea slides. Eventually these photographs with data were scanned so that I could print them out from the pc. I could also change them via color and special effects. What had once been a record of a flash flood deposit evolved into a whirl of words and waves. The text in the image is data from the Alice Springs Project word evolution study.

Note: For me the Nigerian Sea focus is a Mars-associated record of large-scale catastrophic flash flood phenomena, though I was not "conscious" of this at the time I made the slides.

The Search for Life on Mars was sponsored in part by a Venture Grant from the Ontario Arts' Council for which I am grateful.

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