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B E L L:   How  much  a  matter  of   fact  the  given  is

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Bell Panorama
Thank you to the Seattle Municipal Clerk's Office for saving, scanning and publishing these wonderful pictures on the web. "WE LOVE YOU, SEATTLE!"

I welcome your comments: blearn@learnyeats.com

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Above: Self-portrait of the artist in front of the Austin A. Bell Building, First and Battery, Belltown, Seattle, Washington, July 4, 1998.

Bell is Part 4 of the quartet entitled "Between positions of opposition and the concept of sister squares".

Part 1 of this series is In the laboratory of the psychologist (1994), and Part 2 of which is The list of missing authorities: Murat's Math Window" (1995).

Part 3, entitled RENE: Therefore I am where the trouble is, is webwork project at the WaspWing web site.

BELL: How much a matter of fact the given is, is available for $20 USF, shipping/handling included.   Please make cheque/check or money order payable to Beth Learn.

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Individual prints are also available unframed for $20 USF, shipping/handling included.


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