Stella DeSha Thomas Gallery Photographs Ivonne Pietersen

Artist's Statement
by Ivonne Pietersen

I was born in the Netherlands and completed my still photography studies at the School of Image Arts, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto.

My darkroom work is mostly in b/w and an exploration of the natural world. My interest is in the exploration of the more abstruse qualities of everyday subjects and in looking at the world around us in more imaginative ways.

As I produce individual prints, I get a sense of emerging themes and cohesion in the images. This enables me to subsequently select and arrange the images in a meaningful way, to embody a physical form of an abstract idea.

The series "Mindscapes" transforms single images through symmetry. from a direct interpretation of an external reality into an abstract expression of a mood or emotion.

The project "Altered Perceptions" questions common perceptions. By placing everyday subjects in a different context, their import is redefined and convention is challenged.

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