Stella DeSha Thomas Gallery Utah's Bryce Canyon, Mostly by Marden Paul

Artist's Statement
by Marden Paul

Bryce Canyon Amphitheatre -- most of the pictures in this set come from a trip to Utah's Bryce Canyon in October 2002. The weather at 7,000 feet was peas-soup foggy and below freezing in the morning. The locals said Bryce was above the fog and it would be beautiful. It was. Cold, crisp and clear. Here the Fall afternoon light highlights the tones of the red, sand and brown layers of the Canyon.

Wandering for hours in the Queen's Garden I came upon this twisted tree stump. Wind, light and time weathered, it stands still anchored in the sandstone.

In the Fall, especially when it's cold, the number of humans traipsing on the trails is quite few. 2 hours out on this trail and not one person did I meet. Just sand, rock, trees and this beautiful, rich blue sky. I took off my sunglasses to judge the veracity of the blueness. And it was this true.

At this altitude, around 9,000 feet, deciduous trees are few and far between. Yet, here was a quaking aspen in full Fall display. Thor's Hammer is seen below.

It's hard to tell, but the dark background is a tall cliff of red rock. The light shone through the cactus and reflected off the red sand to give an ethereal effect to the plant. This was photographed at Valley of Fire, Nevada. Only 60 miles from Las Vegas but worlds apart.

Back at Bryce I liked the Dali-like trees bent by time and wind on the dunes.

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