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Dancy Terrace or Redell Street between 9th and 10th, Main and Hubbard Streets, Springfield, Jacksonville, Florida

Springfield, Jacksonville, Florida

Springfield, Jacksonville, Florid

[ Postcard is from the Florida Collection of the Jacksonville Public Library ]

Springfield, Jacksonville, Florida

Springfield is the oldest residential area in Jacksonville, Florida. It is located more or less on either side of Main Street north of Hogan's Creek which together with the parklands surrounding the Creek separate it from the main area of downtown Jacksonville. Perhaps because of the Creek, Springfield was not destroyed by the Fire in 1901. In fact, one of my Mother's former school Principals, Miss Nellie Cook, told of watching the fire with her two sisters from the roof of a shed near her home. Nellie's sisters went on to become teachers at Kirby Smith Junion High School.

Most of the older photos on this site are from Thomas family photosgraphs and ephemera. I have also included relevant historic photos from various archives such as the Florida Memory Project (Florida State Photo Archives) and the Jacksonville Public Library Collection. I took photographs of various Springfield sites on visits since 2003 and I continue to do so.

Somewhere west of Main near 5th Street. Photo by BLearn 2004

Patiently awaiting rennovation at the corner of 6th and Hubbard. Photo by BLearn 2004

Florence Court Apts later the Florida Hotel; designed by H.Klutho; built 1911. Photo by BLearn 2005

North of 8th, east of Main. Photo by BLearn 2004

West of Main Street near 4th Photo by BLearn 2004

Confederate Park (Post Card FSPA)

Main St. Trolley Car Line. Postcard from FSMA

West of Main. Photo by BLearn 2005

NE corner 8th & Main, former Withers and Odum Drug Store Photo by BLearn 2005

Main Street looking south from 9th Street Photo by BLearn 2005

The remains; west of Main Street Photo by BLearn 2005

Southwest corner of 8th and Main. Photo by BLearn 2005

Until recently, the Lampru Apartments designed by Henrietta Dozier, Jacksonville's only early female architect. Apparently the buildings were allowed to deteriorate to such a state that the owner was able to shortcut the city demolition procedure and bulldoze the structure in 2007. Photo by BLearn 2005.

Henry Klutho residence from 9th Street. This house was built on Main Street next to the Klutho Apartments (both in Klutho's Prairie Style) and moved around the corner in line with his film studio lot. Photo by BLearn 2005

H. Klutho residence west side from 9th (2005) Photo by BLearn

Once the site of the Klutho Film Studios. Photo by BLearn 2005

The former Wonder Oil Station selling American Gasoline at the NE corner of 5th and Main Sts. Mattie V. Rutherford School around the corner at 5th and Hubbard. Photo by BLearn 2004.

Main entrance on Hubbard of Mattie V. Rutherford School. Photo by BLearn 2004.

>Mattie V. Rutherford School from 6th and Hubbard. Photo by BLearn 2004.

Mattie V. Rutherford School from 5th & Hubbard. Photo by BLearn 2004.

Carl's Restaurant which is very cool on the west side of Main Street south of 8th. Photo by BLearn 2005.

Looking south at Main Street Baptist Church on 8th. Photo by BLearn 2005.

An anonymous Springfield alley. Photo by BLearn 2005.

Inside Mattie V. Rutherford School. Photo by BLearn 2003.

Auditorium at Mattie V, Rutherford School. Photo by BLearn 2003.

Formerly Katharine Bagaley's Kindergarten House. Photo by BLearn 2005.

The Capitol Theater on Main Street next to the Florida Hotel/Florence Court Apts. on the left. (1920s) FSMA

The Capitol Theater on Main Street (1920s) FSMA

The Capitol Theater on Main Street (1920s) FSMA

The Capitol Theater on Main Street (1920s) FSMA

Trolley line on Main Street in the early 1900s. FSMA

Lampru Court Apartments at 1915, 1917, 1921, 1923, 1925 Boulevard opposite Springfield Park in Jacksonville. Designed by Jacksonville's only female architect at the time, Henrietta Dozier. Later the brick was painted white and the buildings were allowed to deteriorate to the point that the COJ approved demolition in 2007. FSMA

"May 3, 1904, This is the street we live on. Today 3 years ago the city was almost destroyed. But today we have 1000 more buildings than were burned." Detroit Photographic Co. 1903. FSMA

"Dear Bessie, How are you. With love from Seymour Holmes." Jacksonville Florida Main Street. Printed in Holland. FSMA

The Dixieland Park Ferry on the south end of Main Street early 1900s. Post 1913, known as the Main Street Ferry by my Mother who remembers riding across the river to the beach on the South Side. The Main Street Bridge was not built until the 1940s. Dixieland was a big amusement park built across the river. FSMA

Another view of the Azalea house on the SE corner of 6th and Hubbard Streets in 2004. Photo by BLearn.

On the SW corner of 7th and Liberty Streets. Photo by BLearn 2005.

8th Street between Main and Hubbard. Photo by BLearn 2004.

West side of Main Street near 9th; L2R Klutho Apartments and 9th and Main (what was Henrietta's); Mr. Carters grocery store was on this corner in the 1920s when the Thomas family lived at DancyT. My Mother, Joan Thomas remembers hot-footing it across Main St. to Mr. Carters to buy something for her Mother. Photo by BLearn 2005.

The Thomas Family car parked near 9th and Main Streets about 1928. Thomas Family Collection

Main Street Collectibles near 4th Street and Main. Photo by BLearn 2004.

Between 8th and 9th Streets east of Main Street. Photo by BLearn 2005.

Postcard of the original Main Street Baptist Church sanctuary built in 1908. This building was replaced by the new MSBC building dedicated in 1964 which remains on the NW corner of 8th and Main Sts. though the Church itself has long gone. Post 1948. Thomas Family collection

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Andrew Jackson High School, Main St. near 26th, one of two high schools built from the same plans about 1927 (Robert E. Lee High School in Avondale, being the other). The school was to be named for Stonewall Jackson a Confederate General but the name plate was engraved for Andrew Jackson by mistake... a shame considering A. Jackson's treatment of Native American People. FSPA

Fire Station No. 2 at 4th and Main remains where it was for now. It may be closing down after all these years. Photo from FSPA

Early photo of Main Street South; Main Street ferry dock in distance. Between about 1903 and 1913 the ferry would dock at Dixieland Park on the south side of the St. Johns' River. The Thomas family took this ferry to get to the beach. The Main Street Bridge replaced the ferry in the 1940s. Today, Main Street is the blue bridge beside the Jacksonville Landing in the "downtown" area of the city.FSPA

At the corner of 8th and Main Streets looking south. The Florida Hotel, originally and currently the Florence Apartments are to the left with the Capitol Theater just beyond. 192?. Photo by Jack Spottswood, 193? FSPA

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