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T r u e !   S e a t t l e
Joy Learn's nostalgic collage on location in Belltown, Seattle WA July 2000

Kitch       Fridge      Bath      Lamp      lamp2      Wall      Shutters      Blinds      Blinds2      Hang      Stove      Paren      Towells

A retro-domestic look to Joy Learn's color xerography; installation shots of the Belltown exhibit July 2000.

Kitchen works include: Crash long lash beach life of 1933, positioned on the retro fridge, and Beauty of Form/your figure, a color xerox transparency attached to the retro blinds in the retro window (overlooking the corner of First Avenue and Wall Street) to the right.

"A clever juxtapositioning of the retro-nostalgic in terms of culinary domesticity" wrote one observer in the gallery guestbook.
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