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Joy Learn's nostalgic collage on location in Belltown, Seattle WA July 2000

Kitch       Fridge      Bath      Lamp      lamp2      Wall      Shutters      Blinds      Blinds2      Hang      Stove      Paren      Towells

HANG: A retro-domestic look to Joy Learn's color xerography; installation shots of the Belltown exhibit July 2000.

"Girl Found Romance....easy way....void", hung from the tungsten day lamp. This work originally appeared as the back cover of Parenthesis, words by Beth Learn and graphics by Joy Learn. The script was performed live in 1997 at the Dot.com cyber cafe in Toronto, Canada.

"If I could have seen only one thing in Seattle this summer, this is it! Just an amazing retro-art experience." wrote one observer in the gallery guestbook.
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