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Dancy Terrace or Redell Street between 9th and 10th, Main and Hubbard Streets, Springfield, Jacksonville, Florida

Main Street Baptist Church Bulletins and Year Book Directories

Bulletins were the weekly publications produced by the MSBC and mailed to each member/family. They were also available at Sunday Church Services or from the Church Office. The bulletins were sometimes called Clarion Call and sometimes The Messenger. They contained the order of service for both Sunday Church Services, morning and evening. Also included were remarks by the Pastor, Schedule of the week's events, announcement of upcoming special events, i.e., revivals, youth week etc. and relevant filler material. Certain financial statistics were sometimes provided and statements of appreciation if the particular personnel were being recognized that week. The bulletins here were saved by the Thomas family.

Yearbooks, sometimes called Directories, may have been printed for each year but I have no record for years other than 1925 (complete yearbook reproduced here), and a few from the 1960s and 1970s and 1980's etc. At some point after 1983, when the debt for the new church building was finally paid off, the church officially closed. Some of the ex-Main Streeters are thought to have moved north to New Berlin where they started the New Berlin Baptist Church. At this time I have no information re: the closing of Main Street Baptist Church which is NOT the North Main Street Baptist Church. Thus far, I have been unable to locate MSBC church records and archives but continue to search.

Perhaps the most interesting yearbook is that of 1925 because it includes advertising for many Jacksonville and Springfield businesses of that early time.

This section also includes printed material for the celebration of special events in the life/history of MSBC. For example, the 50th anniversary of the Church celebrated with a History Pageant in the year 1955. The booklet commenorating that event is included here. The Church history included here is from that booklet as well as from the various yearbook histories. If you have information on MSBC please contact me at the email below.

C O N T E N T S:


1925 Yearbook

Fifty Fruitful Years 1905-1955

Clarion Call: January 15, 1950

Clarion Call: August 3, 1952

Clarion Call: October 10, 1948

Clarion Call: June 8, 1952

Messenger: March 19, 1933

Messenger: August 30, 1959

from the Church Directory 1969

from the Church Directory 1979

from the Church Directory 1989

from the Blue Church Directory (1960s??)

from the undated Church Directory in color (1970s?)

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