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Dancy Terrace or Redell Street between 9th and 10th, Main and Hubbard Streets, Springfield, Jacksonville, Florida

Main Street Baptist Church Yearbook 1969

Music Staff at MSBC: Mr. Lee Turner, Jr., Minister of Music, Mrs. Charles Cooper, Pianist, and Mrs. J.D. Strom, Organist. Church Staff also included: Rev. E.C. McDaniel, Pastor, Mr. R.T. Lawless, Minister of Education, Miss Anne Kent, Pastor's Secretary, Mrs. Anne Modling, Educational Secretary, Mrs. S.G. Wooten, Financial Secretary, Mr. James H. Troupe, Equipment Supervisor, Mrs. Laura Sauls, Housekeeper and Mrs. Charlotte Coleman, Maid.

Sunday School Officers were Mr. C.E. Aaas, Sunday School Superintendent, Mr. Horace A. Pitts, General Secretary, Mrs. J.W. Brannen, Superintendent of Training, Mrs. Anne L. Modling, Associate General Secretary, Mr. J.H. Troupe, Monies and Mr. C.B. Hawkins, Sr., Monies

Active Deacons were S. Grenade Wooten, Chairman, J. Mercer Jordan, Vice-Chairman, Ed E. Speir, Clerk, J. W. Brannen, Turner L. Chapman, Harry P. Christian, A.L. Clifton, Wade H. Coffin, A.L.P. Coggins, Marvin H. Gunter, Ernest S. Haselden, C.B. Hawkind, Sr., H.W. Hill, W.H. Hill, Clifford Lee Horn, W.W. McCollough, S.L. McElveen, Donald L. McLeod, C.M. Mickler, W.H. Mikell, Mac R. Morgan, Hugh B. Patten, Frank E. Parnaby, Horace A. Pitts, Bert J. Pittman, R.L. Rowe, Sr., R.L. Rowe, Jr., C.J. Searcy, O. Randy Thornton, J.W. Tomlinson, J.H. Troupe, Leland Turner, Sr.

Unfortunarely there were no names for those in the photos below. Percy Leon Thomas, Sr.'s younger sister, Jessie T. Morgan was the only Thomas to have her picture included in the yearbook. Stella Thomas was listed as a member though her photo was not included.

This adult-aged choir sang in the choirloft at the front of the church in Sunday Services. All members were adult.

The Youth Choir would consist of members in their teens or thereabout.

The Junior Choir would include members in Upper Grade School

The Primary Choir would include children in lower Grade School.

Girls' Auxiliary or GAs were a part of the Women's Missionary Union (WMU) program in the Baptist Churches.

Sumbeams was a Children's missionary group or club. The girls would then advance through Girls' Auxiliary or GAs and the boys through Royal Ambassadors or RAs. My Mother, Joan Thomas, was in GAs.

The Nursery in the new (1964) MSBC building

The Beginner Choir would include children in Kindergarten

C O N T E N T S: The MSBC Yearbook 1969

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