Stella DeSha Thomas Gallery Canyonography - Photographs by Marden Paul

from the South Rim, a photograph by Marden Paul

from the South Rim: Clouds
Photograph by Marden Paul

Coming down from Las Vegas in October 1997 the radio stations issued frequent warnings about terrible winter driving conditions near the Grand Canyon due to a freak snowstorm. I am Canadian. So I persevered and reached the Canyon. (There was some melting snow on the roads but not much more.) At the Canyon there was a lot of snow. The paths were covered and snow piled up on trees. But the clouds really made the shot. At first, the entire Canyon was filled with cloud. Zero visibility conditions. . . .   Then, as the day progressed, sunlight broke through and exposed peaks and pinnacles. I waited in an isolated spot with my tripod and camera at the ready until the sun poked through and the clouds broke up a bit. This is one of my favourites from the South Rim.

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