Cabaret Vert Magazine 3 [1993]
Produced by learn/yeats & co


Cabaret Vert Magazine of experimental, alternative and multimedia language art in all manifestations is produced by learn/yeats&co and edited/directed by Beth Learn and Joy Learn.

There are a limited number of copies of the first three issues of CVM in good condition. Email query for price.

Cabaret Vert Magazine
c/o learn/yeats & co
P.O. Box 157 Station P
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S7

We only accept work that is experimental and innovative in its use of language as the primary medium. Query first by email if you are not sure.

Yves Troendle
from Dead Dames Sing Spades; Cry Other

Sheila Murphy
A Middle; How Kristina Ran; The Marigolds; Routine; Our Pets; Central Heating in the Heart; Jazz Sentences; Rest Stop; Quilt, Coffee, Partitions; High Time; Myopia According to this Formula; Tapshoes; Quiet

Interview with bill bissett
Part 2: what the painting sees" with "invisibul wings"

Karen Mac Cormack
from Implexures by Chax Press

A Site Specific Project (directed by Nicholas Power)
Words by Philip Quinn and Photography by Blankfoto)

Gerald Burns
Ars Memoria

Rod Lohin
What Are You Saying? (1992)

learn/yeats & co
the Alice Springs Project Report: "The Miamiscript (I have opened a window into something else/welcome to the temple of inscriptions)

Adeena Karasick
from Memewars

Joy Learn
Beyond the Obvious

Probable System 22a/TTA 25 and 52: Some Additional Notes on Probable System 22 & 22A 25/PS22a

Marcel Duchamp
Meeting of Sunday, February 6, 1916 at 1:45 P.M.

John Barlow
They Don't Care What's Inside Your Body

John De Wit
Can We Keep the Bed; We Are Too Late for the Gods

Jim Erkiletian
By Cameral

Michael Melcher
Glass Ace Clubs (for Max Jacob) and Hoop

Peter Reade
A Model's Rant on Image

Nicholas Power
Austin's Comet, August '82


Front cover designed by Beth Learn with photo of Henry Flagler, Florida Dreamer; backcover by Yves Troendle from Franz Muller's Wire Spring Time

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