C a b a r e t   V e r t   M a g a z i n e
of experimental, multi-media and alternative langauge arts 1990 -

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CVM 1991 (paper)
CVM 1992 (paper)
CVM 1993 (paper)
CVM 1994 (The Language Show at
A Space Gallery)
CVM 1995 (The Language Show No. 2 at A Space Gallery)
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Cabaret Vert Magazine is a learn/yeats & co production.

Cabaret Vert Magazine (CVM) is a multi-dimensional magazine of experimental and alternative language arts using any-media (i.e., language as the primary medium, whatever other media employed).

CVM first published as a paper periodical in 1991, and a launch/read called "Poetry Live" was held at the Spadina Hotel in downtown Toronto. A second launch/read introduced the 1992 edition of CVM -- also at the Spadina Hotel. The 1993 edition of CVM was launched at the Ultrasound Showbar on Queen Street W. and on that occasion/in that issue it was suggested that in 1994 CVM would celebrate the 20th anniversary of learn/yeats & co, publisher of CVM. There was no paper edition of CVM in 1994 but a reading was held at Sneaky Dees bar at College and Bathurst in May 1994.

Both Nicholas Power of Gesture Press and Beth Learn of CVM worked at the University of Toronto so ran into each other a lot and .... in October of 1994, CVM in conjunction with Gesture Press and A Space Gallery, produced the first multi-media language show of experimental language art work at A Space. This 3-day event included a exhibition of prints, paintings, collage, textiles, sculpture, tableaux, books, video work, live reading and performance works, a tour of local graffiti work and a symposium on Writ Process.

    A second, 24-hr language show was held in November 1995 in association with the Festival of the Spoken Word organized by Jill Battson.

The first CVM website was opened in 1997 at Geocities. In 1998 selected work from the on-going CVM collection, was printed in limited edition for the Toronto Small Press Group fair. In 1999 the learnyeats.com domain was registered and in 2000 the new CVM site was designed.

A major part of that/THIS site is the CVM Gallery, a repository or cache of work collected over the past several years. At present the plan is for CVM to continue through its web presence with occasional limited editions print issues for special events. No language shows are planned at this time but yearly or bi-yearly readings may begin again in 2001, and a listzine (by email) is under consideration as are various other media additions to the website.

Cabaret Vert Magazine is proud to be a member of the Toronto Small Press Group which is run by and represents individual poets/writers and small press publishers within the local area. You can meet us in person at most of the local TSPG fairs.

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