All of the work in tLs was language-based, meaning that the creative use of language was the primary medium, regardless of other media, venues, and/or meta-languages used by the artists in producing/describing their work.

Among artists in exhibition were: bill bissett, Christian Bok, Daniel f. Bradley, learn/yeats & co (Beth Learn), Joy Learn, Brian Nash, bpNichol, John Riddell, Blaine Speigel, W. Mark Sutherland, Yves Troendle, Adeena Karasick, Richard Preston etc.

Artists participating in the evening performance event/readings:Steve McCaffery, Karen Mac Cormack, Darren Wershler-Henry, Beth learn/yeats & co (Beth & Joy Learn), Adeena Karasick, ves Troendle, Christian Bok, Dr. Michael Dean ('pataphysicist).

The Second Language Show [1995]

The Second Language show produced by Cabaret Vert Magazine was in association with the Spoken Word Festival organized by Jill Battson (Poetburo productions) and was held for one day, 25th October, at the (then) new A Space Gallery at the corner of Richmond and Spadina Avenue in downtown Toronto.

This was a smaller exhibition of wall work, sculpture, installation and video work and was open all day to eager onlookers. In the back gallery or 'pata-lounge, some of Canada's most reknown 'pataphysicists were on hand to demonstrate their theories and talk to visitors. Among them were the most honorable: John Riddell (into puzzles, conumdrums and misdirected imaginary projects); ofttimes, Steve McCaffery (recanteur, von viviant, continually in search of the double elide...; and Dr. Michael Dean, who appeared in his official capacity as Director of the Institute of Linguistic Onto-Genetics during the evening lecture, and dispite heckling from some members of the audience.

Video works included award winning documentary of bpNichol by Brian Nash (produced by Elizabeth Yake); work by Paul Couilliard, W. Mark Sutherland and Joy Learn's production of Sabbath Moon.

Else: Resident life-poet, John Barlow provided a rambling (as in he rambled around) Oversion-ary experience piece with made for the occasion editions of his on-going (in this incarnation) xerox-a-zine, Oversion, which he dispersed. Fellow poet Bill Kennedy joined from the audience for a bit of the learn/yeats' performance of Canebrake. catastrophy. You can now see work by some of these language artists in the Cabaret Vert Magazine Gallery and the CVM early issues sections. This is only the beginning.

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