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Cabaret Vert Magazine of experimental, alternative and multimedia language art in all manifestations is produced by learn/yeats&co meaning: Beth Learn and Joy Learn.
Cabaret Vert Magazine
c/o learn/yeats & co
P.O. Box 157 Station P
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S7

We only accept work that is experimental and innovative in its use of language as the primary medium. Query by email first.
John Barlow
      Color Xerox 1
      Color Xerox 2
John Bennett
      C o r r u g a t i o n
bill bissett
      the arrival uv our love looking within us
      magik doll
      increasinglee a magik summer
      protektiv spirit being
Christian Bok
Mark Connery
      Flying Saucers are Here!
Jerry Dreva
      Cross (Death Wish 77)
      Death Wish 77
      And what's new on Queen Street?
Coral Hull
      End of Dry Season Poem
      In Time Winter on the Rock face at Cobar
      The Bare Hills of South Australia and
      Winnininnie Creek
Peter Jaeger
       posthumous pseudonomy
       Copyright Flowchart
       silencio: part of a longer series . . .
Joy Learn
Steve McCaffery
      Red in General
Scott Pound
      Assemblages: In Memoriam Gilles Deleuze
      First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth,
      Seventh, Eighth, Nineth
Rhinoskin Press (Richard Preston)
      Durer's Zoo (#1)
      Durer's Zoo (#2)
      Gloomy Day
      Durer's Zoo (#3)
Francis Raven
John Riddell
      The Straytext Device: Pure and Applied
      Research in Mutational Field Theory
Spencer Selby
      Number 1
      Number 2
      Number 3
      Number 4
Blaine Speigel
      Yves with Leaves
Yves Troendle
      Franz Muller's Wire Spring Time
Darren Werschler-Henry
      White Zombie
      Alice in Chains
      Black Sabbath

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