Cabaret Vert Magazine 1 [1991]
Produced by learn/yeats & co


Cabaret Vert Magazine of experimental, alternative and multimedia language art in all manifestations is produced by learn/yeats&co and edited/directed by Beth Learn and Joy Learn.

There are a limited number of copies of the first three issues of CVM in good condition. Email query for price.

Cabaret Vert Magazine
c/o learn/yeats & co
P.O. Box 157 Station P
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S7

We only accept work that is experimental and innovative in its use of language as the primary medium. Query first by email if you are not sure.

Probable System 14: re-discovery of the 22 letter alphabet

Maggie Helwig
drinking the water: a dervish postscript; the unspeakable

Sheila Murphy
the genre, the day a quiet, commute, lyrical episodes, publicity

Kathy Shaidle
from Dusting for Fingerprints in Hamilton, Ontario; Saint Laurence's Gridiron Disguised as an Electric Fan in Thomas Merton's Bankok Hotel Room 1968

Mark Southerland
What the Postcard of March '89 Did Not Revewl, Today I Saw a Farmer in a Field, Beneath a Billboard Advertising a North American Car, A Salty Lunch and the Enigma of Sangria, 26 Dead Letters

Dan Ferguson
The Hunter, Steadfast, Primitive Clean

Chucksteak Enterprises (Don Mabie)
This Statement is False (A Chuckstake Drawing for Cabaret Vert Magazine)

learn/yeats & co
alice springs project report: the Multi-Dimensionality of Language Fields (a Review of Work to date)

Joy Learn
"Even as I Rejected;" "Who is the River Keeper?"; "Eve: the Madwoman of Shallot"

John Bennett
Shedding Floor, enarmoured from death, Hunger's Head, Lease Release, Entre, Muros, Guile

Beth Learn
from Cinema Sabbathmoon

Rod Lohin
Mesto, Mesto Mestonic, Mestomesto

Dan Raphael
"the temper in the way I don't want to call collect", "pilot errors..."

Andrew Darlington
Brain Waives/Declatation of Intent from the Transitional Non-Government of Revolutionary Poetics; World Inaction/Assassination Bland-Out; Colour Climax/Random Broadcast; American Germ Warfare/the Friendly Use of Nuclear Weapons

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