Cabaret Vert Magazine  John Bennett


(Brine stewing the just keeping's) sliced steak lengthy
clown's that dicky wet and sneezed, rain lies "turd those"
glue-glum books, cost of thunder's less (tonic's fussing)
puzzles bare ring's creeping the cloud break's snivelled
(severed and claimed) sprawled pants the lout clues through
Time brewing the pack kites brake sentence tricky fake
the bet, bees sign of muzzled crust thin Sundays or
lost undies the skin of dust nuzzles mind's knees step
chewing the find


Slime boots of's relieved, serious and cussed, hair seeping
list's drowning the stable blamed 'n gained curds scrawled
south's blue shine the roots' disease, periodontic, cuspid//
chair sleeping with crowned table 'n named again named,
words all crawled the mouth through



Taller than my stomach growls, spine of
listing tempted sleeping fails was I ambulate(?)
or tailored fortress slipping "I was headache,
you". Scrabbling in your pockets pins, smaller
than my lunch reknowns person ringing rind
injected, of course your bareass gripping,
clowning slope (was I bent, meat clean through)
thins, leash, big phone



Through the mouth crawled all words named again named, 'n
table crowned with sleeping chair//cuspid, periodontic
disease roots shine the blue south's scrawled curds gained
'n blamed, the stable drowning list's seeping hair, cussed
and serious relieved of's boots' slime


Find the chewing slant the knife cake several,
sticky stake the step knees' mind nuzzle dust of skin
the undies lost of Sunday's thin crust muzzled sign of
bees, bet the fake tricky sentence brake kites pack the
brewing time


Through the clues lout pants sprawled (claimed and severed)
snivelled break's cloud the creeping rind's bare puzzle
(fussing's tonic) less of thunder's cost books' glum glue
"those turds" lie rain, sneezed and wet that dicky clown's
lengthy steak sliced (keeping's just the stewing-brine)


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