Cabaret Vert Magazine The Straytext Device: Pure and Applied Research in Mutational Field Theory by John Riddell


  1. Lleddr Nhah-Nhjoj, "The Life and work of Pierre LeCoeur," Coach House Press, Open Letter, Winter, 1980-81.

  2. Biliterate Field Theory notes that the nature of Language is such that its expressive propagation in any field of Discourse always-already infers its opposite. This concept of the spontaneous reversal of the (semantic) sign -- it simply expressed in LeCoeur's Syntactical Law of Reversals: "For each idea capable of being expressed in a Language there is an equal and opposite idea capable of being expressed in the same Language."

  3. "...the imaginary...characterized by a romanticized and narcissistic phantasy of wholeness and ego=integrity..." Frosh (1991). on Lacan (1975).

  4. Graphically, the image of a "hinge" here, seems appropriate. But a hinge which is folded-0ver-upon by one or the other of the end-term co-ordinates in the signifying series-- much as one might "fold an omlette, thus concealing the actual contents from view...

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  7. The outdated Geomorphemic Grid (The Grid) was thought to be contiguous and interrelational, such that (i) it was perceived as a philosophical-conceptual facticity; and (ii) pressure brought to bear upon any part of The Grid was thought to cause a pressure throughout The (entire) Grid-- no matter how imperceptible such a resonation might be. In this way, it was assumed that escape from the supposed "closed logic" of the system was impossible--an assumption, of course, since proved erroneous. (See N. Schoeffer, Section 2)

  8. The inherent interplay of forces (tensions) in any given content: varying in degree anywhere from mere contingency, through applicable critical theory, to outright violence....

  9. Note that it does not matter which end-term co-ordinate is selected. It is important, however, that the data be passed in its entirety through the Straytext Device to the derivational counterpart of the end-term co-ordinate selected. Otherwise test results will be misleading.

  10. STRAYTEXT is an acronym for Sensorium Test Reaction-Activation Yield Towards Extrapolating Xenogenetic Tracings. Xenogenesis may be defined as: "the supposed generation of offspring completely and permanently different from the parent."

  11. Linguistic Onto-Geneticists of a later era, such as Dean, were to regard Mesmer's work as being a search for a form of "cosmic" syntax...

  12. David Penhale, ibid

  13. LeCoeur's Constant: "The biliterate evolution of any given syntagmatic loci which bounds a Discourse has a constant time span of .008 seconds per letter (s/l) across a word speed squared by the morphological density of general semantic (or contextual development." (This Constant was confirmed by the Davidson-Harley echo-chamber experiment conducted at the University of Heisenberg several years ago.)

  14. Much as any species may be captured and domesticated: "Western societies, having planted their languages, proliferated the "Book" & effected the decline of discourse. Eastern & tribal societies, on the other hand, have placed little significance in printed language, & rely more upon discourse for the transmission of their culture," -- R. Truhlar, The Problematic Stasis of Macrosyntactical Structure in Language," Studio Gallery Nine (1981).

  15. Karl-Heinz Wortszene, "Beyond the Wordstruct": R. Truhlar, "Towards a Constructivist Theory of Linguistic Onto-Genetics," Coach House Press, Open Letter, Canadian "Pataphysics (1980-81)

  16. Truhlar, ibid

  17. Truhlar, op. cit.

  18. Published by Coach House Press, Open Letter, fourth series, nos. 6 & 7.

  19. The Imagination Wave Frequency = The Art Quotient x the Theoretical Value of the quantity measured times itself.

  20. Michael Dean, "The Imagination of Aldo Breun." The keynote address of the First Symposium on Linguistic Onto-Genetics, Toronto, 1981.

  21. Lleddir's great insight here is that there is no essential difference in speech/thought processes expressed in either a disturbed state or a natural state per se. "Language" in a disturbed state is merely the mistranslation of the natural flow of Language into frozen (blocked) or rapid (hyper) speech/thought- (or writing-) patterns. But the energy equivalent is the same! There is no qualifiable difference, as had hitherto been supposed.....

  22. That the foreign policy of America during the Kennedy administration under his Secretary of State Robert McNamara, in the early '60s was called MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), ought to firmly put to rest any further debate on eh subject.

  23. Note that there is little difference between numerals being used lettristically, or letters being used numerically: the grammar of mathematics and the calculus of letters are both subject to the same formal laws of derivation, regardless of which notational form is being employed. It may be objected that such a claim mystifies our methodology. But the charge of obscuritanism is easily refuted here, since the derivation of theoretical terminology is clearly given. See Note 25 for reference to practical applications.

  24. bpNichol's Translating Translating Apollinaire is a good example of this.

  25. The Straytext Device is a detection device only. Both the treatment and classification of varying syntactical specimens remain the ambition and province of turure research projects. Diagrammatic specifications and an operations criteria of the Device remain beyond the scope of this essay, and, in any case, would only serve to digress from our theme: an outline of Mutational Field Theory. However, a detailed Operations Manual will be issued shortly as a companion piece to this theoretical text-- pending clearance from Patent Protection laws.

  26. Jean Baudrillard, "The Mirror of Production" (1975). Baudrillard argues that the primary task before us as we move through the last quarter of the twentieth century is to break that mirror which, he says "reflects all of Western metaphysics."

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