Cabaret Vert Magazine The Straytext Device: Pure and Applied Research in Mutational Field Theory by John Riddell

The Straytext Device:
Pure and Applied Research in Mutational Field Theory
by John Riddell

    STRAYTEXT: An acronym for Sensorium Test Reaction-Activation Yield Towards Extrapolating Xenogenetic Tracings

The calculations of the late nineteenth-century A pataphysician Pierre LeCoeur(1) suggested the existence of a heretofore unknown linguistic onto-genetic mutational field.

Lecoeur argued that said field had not been detectable because biliterate field characters(2) tend to absorb mutational field content into a discursive form which appears to act so as to erase the field in question from detection. Indeed, why would one attempt to research that which, presumably, does not exist?

Contemporary techno-linguists deign to determine such a condition rather as a postmodernist inscription of fiction underwritten by the Imaginary(3). Yet isopne to view the seen as a panoptical display of shattered myths and illusions, wherein nothing means precisely anything else? Or is one to insert into the ambience of Being (at some point---it doesn't really matter where---) a truth value, thus appearing to hinge(4) phenomena onto a search for mere matching specifics?

An inquiry into the modes of Discourse which inform both fluid text(s) (philosophy, geomancy, literature, poetry, etc.), and more rigid inscriptions (i.e. politics, economics,law) was always the essence of LeCoeur's work... Through his Project, he had hoped to resolve the (often grievous!) dislocations produced by biliterate field theory. His calculations(5) argued for a shift from theoretical to applied research: the limits to a Discourse confined to Euclidean Projectivist Theory(6) quickly became apparent, as applied research methodology evolved, resulting in a reformulation of the Geomorphemic Grid(7) as: Mutatational Field Theory.

LeCoeur had posited the existence of a field within which restrictions upon the operation dynamics(8) of any Discursive system might be re-evaluated. He reasoned that such a re-evaluation might well result in a serious challenge to limits imposed by the end-term co-ordinates of the (so called) biliterate field...

Indeed, the modes of Inquiry which predate Mutational Field Theory index only end-term(9) reference co-ordinates---an employment which invariably fails, as it can only result in an epistemological Catch-22.

It was only with the culmination of applied theory in Lleddir's invention of the Straytext Device(10) that an entirely new approach became possible. However, the nature of the energy gleaned from extractions during tests for mutational field data has remained, for some time, a mystery; a mystery which, as we shall see, has involved not a little controversy...

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