Cabaret Vert Magazine The Straytext Device: Pure and Applied Research in Mutational Field Theory by John Riddell


Anton Mesmer, who initiated research into psychic field displacements in the late eighteenth century, posited the existence of a sort of "animal" or "cosmic" magnetism.(11)

On July 14, 1832 (Bastille Day) Aldo Breun (a student of Mesmer's) declared that the formative energy force of linguistic onto-genetic propagation was elliptical. On the other hand, Constructivist Theory (see Section 2) suggested a cumulative/projectivist ontology based on a progressive lettristic/numerical schedule. Penhale claimed this elusive energy to be structured geometrically (12).

Were formative bio-psychical/writing (drives) equivalent to an absolute thought process reduced to a mere linguistic (bio-psychical) determinism (Saussure, 1916)? Or was it equally probable that Language derivation was due entirely to random chance dialogical configurations, as set within the context of a transformational grammar as relativists suggest (Chomsky, 1968)? Does Language play dice with speech?

Moreover, in conjunction with the problems of the nature of the energy in question, it has been puzzling to note that energy quotients utilized in the construction and maintenance of any given discursive system representational, grammatological, psycho-historical...) remained constant (13). It was of course this constant self-generation (much of it "captured" in books (14) that led several early linguistic onto-geneticists to apprehend Language not merely as self-generating, but also as ontological, having a mind of it's own as well...

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