Cabaret Vert Magazine The Straytext Device: Pure and Applied Research in Mutational Field Theory by John Riddell

2. Constructivist Theory

Nicholas Schoeffer, the Hungarian Constructivist, in his paper "Spaceodynamism, Luminodynamism, "Chronodynamism" (1963) was the first to speculate that input (incidents) networked into The Grid were not, in fact, being completely processed. Schoeffer's speculations gave rise to two possibilities: (1) either refining--- The Grid, such that such "residuals" could be accounted for (Mutational Field Theory: LeCoeur); and (2) the creation of a device capable of clearly detecting residuals (The Straytext Device: Lleddir).

What is the nature of such residuals? In order to "leak" through The Grid, they would have to simultaneously have both contiguous and alien attributes vis-a-vis Grid resonation. But such seemingly contradictory functions must be able to co-exist within the same context without exerting discursive pressure--- otherwise, the Grid would, of course, resonate accordingly...

We are confident that the social and political implications suggested herein by Mutational Field Theory are not lost to our readers: that a device might be so conceived so as to filter out, access, detect and classify apparently antinomic discursive residuals-----has proven to be one of the most rewarding aspects of recent techno-linguistic research yields!

The work of Wortszene, and, more recently, Truhlar(15) has contributed significantly to Mutational Field Theory, insofar as such work has essentially replaced the mode of display occasioned by The (old-style) Grid---- which was seen to operate across an entire paleography of micro-/macro-syntactical striations.

Hegel (1873), arguably the last of the great "pataphysical phenomenologists, may be instructive here, insofar as he offers us the dialectical tools for modern composition and a critique of the mechanics of Grid symptom-formation unit schematics [which, as we know, is a smoke and mirrors kind of game...]. His signature will in all likelihood remain indelibly forged upon the bottom line of progressive Western historical consciousness...)

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