Cabaret Vert Magazine from Hans Muller's Wire Spring Time by Yves Troendle

wire cover
Once inside the castle, the shepherd's daughter was gaily decked as a bride; when she'd been led to the hall, she shrank in her veils at the sight of the fat white worm that strode beside her. When fungi invade a plant, they draw food to its needy roots, and are supplied in turn with nourishment. While not weak, she may nevertheless be vulnerable, a woman yearning for a partner to share to the fullest the joys and challenges of life. Broken bottles, various boxes, brick, bits of a dental bridge, bronze, burlap, buttons. Their love for her had brought them enmity, but they now recall the oath of friendship which they have since sworn. This relationship is a good example of symbiosis-- an association beneficial to both partners. The juxtaposed surfaces give rise to forms twisting in all directions. Then news is brought that a boat has arrived bearing an unknown virgin, whose duty it is to pray while fishermen are at sea. Calendars, canvas, cardboard, business cards, children's game cards, playing cards, blank cartridges, cement. And remember: if you are not convinced of the reality you create, no one else will be. During the wedding feast she remembered the old woman's words. She asked for ten snow-white shifts, and a tub of lye, and a tub full of milk, and as many whips as a boy could hold, and she had them put in her chamber.

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