Cabaret Vert Magazine from Hans Muller's Wire Spring Time by Yves Troendle

wire cover

While Zurga tells Nadir that the virgin is veiled, and must not be approached or even gazed upon, no other than the beautiful Leila is brought onto stage, hailed in husky chorus by the fisherfolk. The bridegroom and the shrinking bride were led in great procession to the chamber, with music, and torches, and the glittering of many crowns. Leila and Nadir instantly recognize each other-- he stands watching "As If In A Dream" as she ascends the cliffs for her vigil. The Cathedral was elaborately wired for electric light, but a short circuit changed all that. Some fungi are called saprophytes-- feeding on dead organic matter, they can thrive in complete darkness. As soon as the door was shut the worm turned to face her, and it said, "Shed a shift!" If hero and heroine are compatible too early, you lose suspense and tension. Now the Cathedral has little candles everywhere. Undimmed by the passing of time, he reflects on his love in an aria. Chains, charcoal, checkers pieces, cigar rings, cigarettes, cogwheels, comic strips, cork, corks, crayon, crayons, broken cupboard. And the shepherd's daughter quickly answered, "Slough a skin!"

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