Cabaret Vert Magazine from Hans Muller's Wire Spring Time by Yves Troendle

Lithographs, mannequins, instruction manuals, snippets of maps, death mask (of infant brother), matchbooks, wire mesh, mirrors, nails, neckties. The worm thrust its face close to hers and said, "Shed a shift!" But the old priest spies Nadir, and while the chorus mutters it can see a storm rising, he calls down anathema on their heads. They are unwitting catalysts in a situation that's been brewing for some time. The shepherd's daughter quickly answered, "Slough a skin!" Newspapers, cut-out numbers, toy organ, organdy, Camel cigarette packs, oil paint, panelling. And a reproduction of the Mona Lisa, but without that silly smile, since I pasted the face of my friend Raoul Hausmann over hers. As the crowd takes up his cry for revenge Zurga claims the right, as king and judge, to settle the case himself. Paper, gummed paper, wrapping paper for cheese, pencils worn down to stubs, government permits. He is inclined toward mercy for the sake of friendship, but then the priest lifts the veil from Leila's face, and jealous Zurga swears revenge on Nadir. Planks, plaster, postcards, scraps of posters, potsherd, primer. When conditions are right a saprophyte bursts through the earth rupturing the volva, and expands like an umbrella. And there's the brothel with the 3-legged lady, and the big Grotto of Love.

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