Cabaret Vert Magazine from Hans Muller's Wire Spring Time by Yves Troendle

wire cover

Leila reappears and sings an invocation, echoed by the chorus, before she is left alone on the rock for her vigil. She faces not some specific crime, but rather a nebulous problem, often veiled by those around her, especially by the romantic lead. Dishcloths, documents, doilies, dolls, wax doll on a bed of tomatoes, doors, driftwood, camel dung. Characters in conflict are part of the appeal. Envelopes, fabric, nail file, film strip, flowerpots, funnels, furniture (usually broken). The worm shrank back in shock, and then began to howl and moan from his tiny mouth, and twist his fat body on the floor, until, finally, a milky skin lay there behind him. When these candles are lit they make the whole Cathedral one big fantastic Christmas tree.

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