Cabaret Vert Magazine from Hans Muller's Wire Spring Time by Yves Troendle

wire cover

Act III: alone in his tent now, Zurga laments. Because in every woman's life there comes a moment when her heart must choose her destiny. The fully-developed body has a fruit and a cap. A wide, free staircase leads up to it, and Madam Pipi, life's eternal lavatory attendant, stands down the long narrow corridor in scattered camel's dung. Art prints, religious prints, printers' proofs, rabbit fur, old rake, ribbon, basket rings, rope, wood rundles. Well, this went on until nine worm-skins were lying on the floor, and a white shift spread upon each. And two children greet us, and step into life. This is a fine lyrical scena of considerable power. At the thought of losing Leila, Zurga gives in to jealousy, and orders his erstwhile friend to execution. Now the shepherd's daughter seized up the whips, shook them in lye, and whipped the worm as hard as ever she could. The fruiting body-- only part of the complete mushroom -- continues rising. Shards, shells, enamelled sign ("NO SMOKING"), skittle pins, crate slats, spools, springs, stairs, postage stamps, rubber stamps, stones, sink strainer (rusted), string, cork target, thumbtacks, bus tickets, railway tickets, streetcar tickets, entry ticket for the Bouillon Grottoes (Belgium), various other tickets.

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